What To Know - Cacique Cruiser

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide excellent experiences to visitors of Guna Yala and Panama and use tourism as a vehicle to preserve the culture, promote education, and clean up the environment. 

Cacique Cruiser was born an idea in 2008 between 2 friends from California who visited Panama seeking adventure, freedom and viable routes for achieving their dreams.  The idea was simple and cliche -  do what they love and make it sustainable, the only way they knew how, by benefiting everyone it affects.

As a business Cacique was started in 2012 to offer the best destination and adventure experiences in Panama.  Since that time we have become a service leader as a guiding operation and as an agency for some of the other top tours in Panama and Costa Rica. 

Our company culture is one centered on exploration, creativity and taking on exciting new challenges.

We have a sincere commitment to sustainable tourism. This includes but goes far beyond protecting the environment in which we operate.  Forming relationships with locals and working with them to ensure tourism is carried out in a responsible and respectful manner.  This is the way we approach all new endeavors. Local guides, businesses and friends play an integral role in our ability to give guests the best experience.

As a guiding operation, our approach has been to focus our efforts in the breathtaking and fascinating destinations within the islands of Guna Yala. We have strived to be the foremost experts and most exceptional hosts - we have done this by spending thousands of hours living, building relationships and working as partners to the communities in the islands and all over Panama.

As an agency we have differentiated ourselves by building a great service team, implementing efficient systems, being a technological leader in our sector, and making decisions based on thorough research.   

In 2014, 2015 and 2016 these efforts were recognized with the TripAdvisor Certificate of excellence.


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