Internship - Cacique Cruiser

Intern for a reputable tour agency in the tropics and earn school credit. Sound good?  Awesome, because it is not a gimmick and there is more...a lot more.



We are Cacique Cruiser, a guiding operation and travel agency specializing in the remote San Blas islands inside the semi autonomous, indigenous Guna Yala Comarca, Panama. The comarca (territory) is home to not only 365 breathtaking caribbean islands, but also a fascinating indigenous culture and a spectacular amount of wildlife.  We have been operating in these islands for over 3 years and are looking for skilled and dedicated interns that seek a truly enriching work/life experience.  

Interns with Cacique will be integral and respected members of our small team, and will be immersed in every aspect of our small business. The program has been designed to be diverse and to be a mutually educational experience.

After an extensive onboarding and training process, interns will get to spend several weeks in various aspects of our islands operations, including visiting the postcard perfect islands of Guna Yala.  They will also spend several week working in our business operations in the metropolitan city of Panama City Panama.  The onboarding process for our interns also includes a business trip to 2-3 other amazing travel destinations in Panama to learn from and work with our hospitality network partners in places like Bocas Del Toro and Santa Catalina Panama.




  • Duties and responsibilities are clearly detailed and performance is measured. Each Cacique intern meets weekly with their manager to review their performance.  During this meeting interns specifically will also discuss learning opportunities, business planning and specific projects with their manager.
  • Cacique Cruiser will share these reports with the intern and if requested also with the interns university.
  • Cacique Cruiser will also complete any reporting required by the intern or the university.
  • Interns that fail to meet the requirements of their job description continually, violate the company's code of conduct, or violate Panamanian law will be dismissed from the program. No refunds will be made for partially completed months.




  • Cacique Cruiser accepts qualified interns for period of no less than 3 months.  We will have a maximum of 2 interns at any given time.  
  • Interns are assigned shifts and/or tasks totaling no more than 40 hours per week, and will receive a total of 8 days off per month.   


  • Excellent communication skills: English - excellent, Spanish - minimum Intermediate level. Interns must be conversational in Spanish and English. While in the islands interns will be responsible for translating conversations and instructions between the 2 languages.
  • Interpersonal skills: Outgoing personality & excellent guest service
  • Pro-active and initiative taking
  • Ability to deal with stressful situations
  • Problem solving skills
  • Team player
  • Experience in hospitality preferred


Actual schedule will depend on company need, school or program requirements, and interns job specific skills or desired areas of development.

  • Once an intern has applied and been accepted we cater the onboarding process to the time we have until they arrive.  Interns will be assigned a mentor from our team, this mentor will make sure all questions are answered, needs are met and interns are set up for success before arrival.
  • Week 1 - Orientation Panama City - 5 day training. This will include reading, projects, shadowing staff members, and practical testing.

  • Week 2 - Orientation Guna Yala Islands - 5 day training.  This will include on the job training, a visit to the islands and an introduction to the culture by our local friends.

  • Week 3 - Orientation - Roadtrip to visit Cacique Hospitality Network partners.  This is intended to better equip our interns with serving our guests.  We will send interns to 2-3 locations throughout Panama to visit and learn from Network partners, as well as to promote the Cacique brand. 

  • Week 4 and 5 - Program specific projects. 

  • Week 6 Business Operations & Development

  • Week 7 Break

  • Week 8 & 9 - Week 4 and 5 - Program specific projects

  • Week 10 Business Operations & Development

  • Weeks 11 & 12 - Program specific projects.


$1500 for a 12 week period / $150 each additional week

This cost covers:

  • Accommodations, meals and taxes when visiting Guna Yala. 
  • All training materials
  • SIM card with data for work use. Interns may use their own unlocked smart phone or we can provide them one for use for a fully refundable deposit of $200*
  • All transport cost for work
  • Airport pickup & dropoff 
  • Travel cost for a business trip in Panama to minimum 2 other destinations 

*The phone must be turned in at the end of the program without significant damage in order to receive the deposit refund.


Our program cost does not include:

  • The costs of travel to or from Panama or entrance taxes into the country.  
  • Accommodations other than when visiting Guna Yala.
  • Food or meals other than when visiting in the islands of Guna Yala.   




  • The first job of every staff member at Cacique Cruiser is to be helpful to everyone that we encounter (regardless if they purchase a trip) and to act in an honest manner with our guests, business partners, fellow staff member, and the local community. We are experts in Panama travel, we can help people and at Cacique Cruiser we feel a responsibility to do so.  We also believe that it is of the utmost importance to act honestly at all times.  At Cacique Cruiser we do not tolerate lying, cheating, stealing, or taking advantage of people's trust in any way.  Violations of character can, and usually will, result in immediate termination. Treat every guest interaction as an opportunity to earn a 5 star written review regardless of if they purchase a trip.
  • Don't forget where you came from. Everyone that has and/or continues to contribute to Cacique is a part of our success everyday and always will be.
  • Do not speak badly of our competition.  True or not do not trash talk, especially about anyone in our industry.  We believe we a unique brand and superior destination experiences.  We feel no need to win business or get ahead by speaking badly about anyone.  Panama is a small place and word spreads quickly.  If a staff member of ours is speaking badly about someone it is likely the everyone will hear it (that includes Cacique management, our competitors and our partners).  It’s bad form and it is not our style.
  • Represent the Cacique brand well by acting professionally whenever you are representing the company.  We have fun with our guests and our business partner on our trips, when we are out selling and when we are entertaining.  However, it is important to remember that in these situations we represent the Cacique brand as well as ourselves.  So keep you company in mind, act and speak appropriately and professionally at all times.  
  • Treat fellow staff members with respect.  If you have an issue with a fellow staff member discuss it politely and honestly, and be prepared to listen to and take into account their their response. If communicating issues directly has failed, or you are uncomfortable doing so you should feel comfortable bringing it to the attention on management.  However, we feel that whenever possible it is best to discuss and resolve these things directly.  This process relies on civility and compromise, but in the end it leads to the strongest team.   
  • Alcohol - .  Alcohol is not to be consumed by Cacique employees during shift hours hours or during any time they are expected to operate a vehicle or boat.  Guides on multi day trips may consume alcohol responsibly starting at dinner if they are not responsible for transport in either a routine or emergency situation.  Guides must not drink alcohol any time guests are in their care.  
  • Any drug illegal in the country of Panama is prohibited for use by Cacique staff.  Reports of drug use by guest, drugs or paraphernalia found in Cacique equipment or vehicles, or obvious intoxication on the job are punishable by immediate termination.
  • Staff are prohibited from littering.  This is an issue we take very seriously.  We expect our staff to represent our core values with their behavior.  
  • When visiting Guna Yala staff are expected to follow all laws of the Comarca as determined by Congreso General, the community of Nalunega, or any other community in which we operate.  All staff must be in good standing with the community.  
  • Failure to comply with the code of conducts can result in suspension without pay or termination.