Children and Kids - Cacique Cruiser

Children and kids pricing

  • In Guna Yala guests age 11 and older are charged as adults.
  • Adults with children or kids must book private hut accommodations.
  • There is a $10 per adult discount for guests traveling with Children and Kids.
  • Meals for children under 5 are not included.  
  • We do not provide child safety seats or child life jackets, parents are encouraged to bring them.  We do have some small life jackets that fit older kids.


CHILDREN 5 years and younger

  • $50 if they take a space in the vehicle. We do not provide child safety seats, but if you pay for a space you are welcome to bring one.
  • $5 if they do not take space in the car (ride on parents lap).
  • Guest ages 5 and under are charges as children and a flat fee applies to them regardless of the number of days the family books.
  • Children younger than 5 are not charged the Guna territory entrance fee.


KIDS 6 to 10 years old

  • El Original - $128 + $40 each additional night
  • Original Chill - $113 + $25 each additional night
  • El Tranquilo - $113 + $25 each additional night
  • Coconut Express - $93
  • In addition to the trip prices below children 6 or older will be charge the Guna territory entrance fees of $22 foreigner/ $7 Panama resident.
  • Meals are included for kids ages 6 to 10.