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Original Chill - San Blas islands trip

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From USD 158

Like Our famous EL ORIGINAL package but with just 1 day trip


  • Round trip ground transport, pick up in Panama City between 5-6 a.m. on day 1 and arrive back about 7 p.m. on you last day
  • Accomodations
  • Basic meals
  • Boat rides to and from the port
  • 1 day trip to 1 or 2 other beautiful beach islands 
  • A visit to a Guna community
  • Bilingual guide on the day trip, who also stays on the island with you each night
  • Snorkel equipment the whole trip
  • Departing from the islands at 3 p.m. instead of 8 a.m. 


  • Indigenous entrance taxes ($22 foreigners, $7 Panama residents)
  • Water & beverages

LOCATION:  Asseryaladub (Isla Aroma)


Dorm w/ Shared Restroom:

1 night = $158 + Indigenous entrance taxes ($22 foreigners, $7 Panama residents)

2 nights = $193 + Indigenous entrance taxes 

3 nights = $228 + Indigenous entrance taxes 

Private w/ Shared Restroom:

1 night = $173 + Indigenous entrance taxes ($22 foreigners, $7 Panama residents)

2 nights = $223 + Indigenous entrance taxes 

3 nights = $273 + Indigenous entrance taxes 

  • All prices are per guest
  • Price includes 1 day trip with our group and guide from El Original
  • 1 night minimum, 4 nights maximum​
  • 2 guest minimum in a private rooms
  • A 4% online processing fee will be applied to all full payments on credit card.  Deposit payments will not be charged. 


  • Asseryaladub island is operated by part of the family that owns it. 
  • The cabanas and dorm are very basic, they have sand floors and lights in the evening only.
  • The restrooms are seperate from all accomodations and very basic as well. There are 2 toilets and 2 showers shared between all guests.
  • There are not outlets for charging in most of the cabanas however guests may charge devices in the restaurant area in the evening.
  • The meals provided on the island are simple and they do not generally offer much variety.  Though we monitor the quality of food through guests and visits we do not control the menu.  We are constantly providing feedback to the islands in an effort to change this, but the reality is the meal quallities vary. It is reccomended that guests bring some snacks if they have big appetites or very specific dietary needs.
  • We do not offer refunds or discount for rain or bad weather unless a trip is cancelled by us for safety reason.  May through October are months where it can rain very often, and November through April can have high winds that make the seas rough.  The weather changes often in the islands, our experienced guides and hosts do their best to keep guests dry, but the islands are a very rustic area and guests must be prepared accordingly for changing weather conditions. Please see our Refund Policy for more details. 
  • Please take a look at out Terms and Conditions  for the trips.


From USD 158

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  • First Day - Pickup anywhere in Panama City between 5-6 am,
  • Go to a market where you can purchase beverages, snacks and other things you may need for the islands such as sunblock.
  • If you shop the night before, or are very quick in the market, then you may have time for coffee or a breakfast snack.
  • After the market it is approximately 2 hours to the entrance of the Guna territory.  This is where you will be asked by the police to show your passport or Panamanian cedula.
  • After the entrance it is usually a little less than 1 hour drive to the port where you will meet your Guna guide. Then it is approximately 30 minute boat ride to the islands .              
  • Relax and enjoy the island, with 3 meals included each day. 
  • One day trip to another beach island is included in your stay.  Additional day trips are available for $25 per guest. Your day trip will be on any of the days of your stay depending on availability.
  • A visit to a Guna community is also included in your itinerary.  You typically do this in the morning on your 2nd day.
  • Last Day - Depart for Panama City at approximately 330 pm and arrive in Panama City at approximately 7 pm.


  • A very authentic locally hosted experience
  • Snorkel & mask included on the daytrip
  • Depart the islands at 3:30 pm. 8 hours more beach time than our competition.

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