Refunds Policy - Cacique Cruiser

In general refunds will not be given when for the following situations:

  • When guests choose to leave the islands earlier than scheduled. We can try to arrange guests to depart on a date or at a time earlier than scheduled, but refunds will not be given.  This is part of the reason we have a 3 night maximum.
  • When guests choose not to take part in a day trip already purchased.
  • Weather not to guests liking.
  • When guests are not at the stated pickup location on time and miss their departure.  In this situation we will only retain the deposit amount (which is paid to the driver) and we will help arrange another pickup for the guest (a new deposit will be required)

Other refund/cancellation policies:

  • Refunds  of deposit amounts minus processing fee (online bookings) will be given when a guest cancels their booking more than 72 hours prior to departure.
  • If a guest is cancels the trip less than 24 hours before departure the deposit amount will be charged.  If a full payment has been made the guest will receive a refund of their payment minus deposit and any processing fees. 
  • If the Panamanian or Guna authorities cancel a guests trips prior to departure from the city due to an emergency (weather, safety or otherwise) a full refund will be given.
  • If the Panamanian or Guna authorities cancel a guests trips after departure from Panama City, but prior to entering the Guna territory, due to an emergency (weather, safety or otherwise) a full refund minus the deposit payment will be given.  
  • If the Panamanian or Guna authorities require guests to evacuate the territory anytime after guests have entered due to an emergency (weather, safety or otherwise) a refund will be given for services not rendered.
  • Refunds for time not spent in the islands will be given when an early departure is due to a medical or safety emergency.  

Guna Yala is a semi-autonomous indigenous Comarca (territory).  The comarca, it's residents and approved agencies such as ourselves are under the authority of the Guna Congreso (government) when operating within the territory.  

As  guides and an agency for Guna Yala law requires us to work within a network of approved Guna contractors for island accommodation and staff and within a similar network for approved regulated transportation services.   Non Guna staff members are prohibited in the islands, as are non Guna owned assets being used for commercial purposes.  We are required to prepay our contract partners for accommodations and transportation.  As such, In the event of a service error we cannot guarantee refunds will be given.  

Despite regulating the options for contractors the Guna government does not provide support on any level for us to be able to enforce standards or reap compensation from contracts that do not provide the agreed upon service.

At Cacique Cruiser we are guides and an experience curator that provides the most consistently excellent Guna Yala tourism experiences available.  We staff members between the islands and Panama City working from 7am to 9pm everyday attempting working to provide the best experiences available.  We have demonstrated excellence in our 4 years of leading guests through these islands.  

We will always make ourselves available to communicate with guests and help them resolve issues in a fair manner.  We will investigate each issue, advocate for the guests and encourage our partners to resolve these things in a fair manner.  If a partner fails to resolve an issue in a manner we think is fair we will make that known, encourage change and consider other options within the limited network if problems are not resolved well or are repeated regularly.


You Cacique Cruiser Team