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Casco Antiguo Spanish School

Learn Spanish in Panama City

Located in the heart of Panama's Old Quarter, Casco Antiguo Spanish School provides authentic cultural and language immersion experiences. Their private, and small-group Spanish classes give you practical real world language skills, so you can stop studying and start speaking. Whether you're living and working in Panama, or just passing through, they have Spanish classes to fit your needs and budget.




Why Learn Spanish in Casco Antiguo?

Panama City’s Old Quarter, or Casco Antiguo, is the most authentic and vibrant neighborhood in Panama and one of the best places in the world to learn Spanish. The second most visited tourist destination in the country after the Panama Canal, this UNESCO World Heritage site is home to Panama's coolest bars, live music venues, art galleries, and restaurants.

If you are looking for a Spanish Course in Panama that cultivates and elaborates real Spanish Immersion, Casco Antiguo Spanish School is the place for you. A quick chat with one of the teachers at the Casco Antiguo Spanish school reveals a lot of the magic that they sew into the Spanish classes they teach.

Their approach is student-centered, making individuals and groups of students the protagonists of their class. They adapt classes to reflect the skills, experience and personalities of his students, giving them appropriate and real-life Spanish speaking and listening skills through dynamic conversations about varied topics. With regular feedback from students, teachers learn something new every day as well, and classes are tailored to the changing needs of each student.




Mini Group Lessons



Form your own group of 2-3 people for semi-private lessons catered to the students needs, learning style and schedule.  Ideal for friends or family who would like to learn Spanish together.

4 to 30 Hours Per Week



Spanish For Travelers




Half-day to week long course designed to give the Spanish vocabulary, phrases and sklills needed to experience the real Latin America, communicate with locals and better enjoy your trip.

3 hours per week



Private Lessons




Develop you language skills with your instructor one on one.

4 to 30 Hours Per Week



Small Group Intensive




Develop your language skills in an interactive, small group environment with an average class size of 3-4 and a maximum of 6.

20 Hours Per Week