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The Santana is the ideal trip if you are looking for a spacious Catamaran. Unlike others this boat is not over crowded. Captain Gisi is an experienced Captain that has been in San Blas since years and makes you feel safe and comfortable on board. Great and fresh food! Highly recommended!!



SANTANA is a 50 foot aluminum catamaran (14.6 meters long and 6.8 meters wide) built in 1996 as a one-off for day charter and she got completely refurbished in september 2015.

The catamaran is very strong and safe and is equipped with life jackets, two emergency life rafts, satellite telephone, GPS, hand flares, parachute distress- and smoke signals and MOB system. 

SANTANA offers a huge deck space and may easily take up 16 passengers plus crew.

There is the decks house with 10 comfortable beds and a big dining table and social area. And there are two cabins in both hulls where 3 ppl fit in each of it.

On board are snorkeling gear, a dinghy, fishing equipment a big fridge for the guests, a fresh water shower and two bathrooms with electric toilets.



German captain ¨Gisi¨ holds a professional worldwide cruising license and is full-time sailor since 2006. He has sailed in the Balic Sea, Mediterranean and Caribbean speaks German, English and Spanish.

Fernando is from Argentia and worked on a fishing boat and he also did trips from Ushuaia to Antarctica. He speaks English and Spanish and has been sailing the San Blas route for the last 4 years.



  • 5 days and 4 nights
  • Departs from Puerto Lindo in Panama and ends in Cartagena, Colombia
  • Spend a minimum 2,5 days in San Blas, 2 days for the crossing to Cartagena
  • Every day visiting diferent islands with nice beaches and great snorkeling
  • Visit indigenous Guna families,
  • Have BBQ on the beach and a "coco loco"
  • Preferred guests: mellow, no party booze cruise



  • accomodation onboard
  • 3  daily delicious meals made with fresh ingredientes, salads and fruits 
  • water, coffee & tea
  • use of snorkeling equipment
  • use of fishing gear
  • immigration



$ 550 plus taxes

Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Gluten free food preperation additional cost of $25.

Transport to the boat is not included. 


You can bring snacks, sodas & alcohol on the trip.






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3 days and 2 nights in the San Blas islands

2 days and 2 nights open ocean crossing to Cartagena Colombia


Spacious Catamaran in good conditions

Crew with years of experience in San Blas

Delicious and fresh food

Mellow & high quality trip


  1. Puerto Lindo